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PVC foam board - Wikipedia

1, Product introduction

Product specifications: general is 1220 * 2440 mm

The thickness of the product: 1-33 mm

Product density: 0.35 to 0.7g/cm3

2, Product characteristics

1. Waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to acid and alkali, moth-proofing, qualitative light, heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption properties Wood processing and and processing performance is much better than wood (3) is a ideal substitute for wood, aluminum, composite plate 4. "pedal very smooth surface, high hardness, not easy scratches, often used to make ambry, furniture, etc.

3, Paint process Scope of application

Applicable to the product surface spray paint processing of PVC foaming plates; Such as PVC bathroom cabinet paint technology, PVC bathroom cabinet paint technology, etc. Ingredient: cellulose resin and content different polymers, etc. Environmental standards: in line with the phthalates, EN71-94 + + AC2002 AL2000, and REACH. PVC foam board paint: white, red, varnish, green, sky blue, flash silver paint, pearl paint black, yellow, etc. Features: PVC foam board paint series, easy construction, adhesion of PVC plate Physical indicators: project Equipment or test method standard luster Gloss meter Light, matte or adjust according to customer requirements viscosity Tu - 4 # cup 100 s / > 25 ℃ color Chromatic meter Conform to the requirements of the customers adhesion Row lattice gauge/best method 100% hardness Pencil hardness tester/mitsubishi pencil HB - H specifications Surface treatment: surface oil removal, dust removal, clean and dry. Dilution ratio: Oil: thinner = 1:2 ~ 2.5 Spraying viscosity: 10 + 1 s (NK - 2 cups). Dry conditions: touch dry room temperature / 10 min work room temperature / 24 h65 30 ℃ / min. Performance testing: spray after 24 hours. Note: PVC foam board paint to fully stir before use, diluted paint please use immediately, without diluting paint using effect within half a year is preferred. Detailed information can ask ding yuan ink company technical department. Spraying room should be ventilated, dry compressed air no water, no oil. Do not put other types of paint paint mixing with the company.

4, Production process
According to the production process of PVC foam board can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board PVC crust foamed board surface hardness is very high, it is difficult to produce scratches, widely used in ambry, decorate, building, etc PVC free foam board surface hardness, widely used in advertising hoardings, framed sketchpad, screen printing, engraving, etc.
5, The product features
PVC foam board, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, heat preservation performance. PVC foam board quality with flame retardant, fire can self-extinguishing security, safe to use. Series of products have low PVC foaming plates in the moistureproof, mouldproof, not the performance of water absorption, and shock effect is good. Low foamed PVC board after each series of products made by weather resistance formula, its colour and lustre is permanent, not easy ageing. PVC foam board texture light, storage and transportation, construction is convenient. Low foamed PVC plate using general woodworking tool construction. Low PVC foam board can be like a wood nail, planing, drilling, sawing, such as processing. PVC foam board can be used in hot forming, heat bending and folding processing. Low foamed PVC plate according to the general welding procedure, can also be bonding with other PVC materials. PVC foam board its smooth surface, easy to printing.
6, The regulator
A, the foaming mechanism: In PVC foaming products [1], to join the purpose of ultra-high molecular weight polymer: first, in order to promote the plasticization of PVC; Second, in order to improve the melt strength of PVC foaming material, prevent bubbles merge, in order to get uniform foam products; 3 it is to ensure that the melt has good liquidity, in order to get good appearance of the products. Because of the different foam products manufacturers products, equipment, technology, raw materials and lubrication system used by all have differences, so we developed a foaming regulator with different performance, to meet the different needs of users.
1. The definition of foaming material Foamed plastics are also called plastic foam, was based on the plastic of the basic components, contains a lot of bubbles, is based on the gas filling composite material, so to speak. 2. The classification of the foam sheet According to different foaming ratio, foam can be divided into high and low foaming, according to the constitution to the degree of hardness and softness, can be divided into rigid, semi-rigid, soft foam plastics. Based on the bubble pore structure can be divided into closed-cell foam and hole foam plastics. General common PVC foam sheet is rigid low closed-cell foam sheet.
3. The application of PVC foam sheet PVC foam sheet has the advantages of chemical corrosion resistance, weather resistance, flame retardancy, widely used in various aspects, including the display panel, tag, billboards, partition, building board, furniture plate etc. 4. A key factor to evaluate the quality of the foam sheet For foaming material, the size of the bubble hole and uniformity is a key factor affecting the quality of sheet. For low expansion foam sheet, bubble hole small and uniform, foamed sheet good toughness, high strength, good surface quality. From the lower density of foam sheet into consideration, only small and uniform bubble hole have the possibility of further reduce the density of bubble is large and it is difficult to further reduce the density.
5. PVC foaming process control key points The foam molding is divided into three processes: the expansion of the bubble formation, bubble nuclei and curing of foam body. For PVC foam sheet adding chemical foaming agent, the expansion of the bubble nuclear decisive influence on the quality of the foam sheet. PVC belongs to linear molecules, molecular chain is shorter, low melt strength, in the process of bubble nuclear expansion into bubbles, melt around to bubble, gas overflow easily merged into big bubble, reduce foam sheet product quality. Key factors to improve the quality of PVC foam sheet is to improve the melt strength of PVC. From the polymer materials processing characteristics analysis, there are several ways to improve PVC melt strength, but is the most effective way to add additives improve melt strength and lower processing temperature. PVC belongs to amorphous material, melt strength is reduced, the increase of melt temperature and vice increase with the decreasing melt temperature melt strength, but the effect of cooling is limited only play a supplementary role. ACR processing agent has higher melt strength
6. The role of processing AIDS in PVC foam sheet Of ACR processing additive have promote PVC melting, improve surface finish and improve the melt elasticity, enhance the effect of melt elongation and strength. Is advantageous to the coated bubble to prevent the bubble hole collapse. Foam regulator of molecular weight and dosage of foamed sheet density has great effect: with the increase of molecular weight, PVC melt strength increased, the density of foamed sheet can do less, and increase the dosage of the regulator has the same effect. But the effect is not linear relationship, continue to increase the dosage of molecular weight or improve, to reduce the effect of density is not very clear, the density will be constant. Important relationship between foam regulator and foaming agent, the density of foamed sheet with foaming regulator is a balance point, in this balance, density of foamed sheet is not affected by the influence of foaming agent content, are held constant, is also increase dosage of foaming agent can't reduce the density, the cause of this phenomenon is in a certain amount of foam
8. Stability is insufficient, will affect the entire board face, board face yellow, foam sheet brittleness Melt strength deficiency can lead to foamed sheet, bubble hole big, longitudinal section bubble is very long. Determine whether melt strength is insufficient, the most direct way is to press with finger behind the three roll wrapped in a sheet, on the roll in the melt strength good press can feel elastic. If after pressing hard to bounce, low melt strength. Because the screw structure and cooling way difference is bigger, it is difficult to determine whether temperature is reasonable, in general, in extruder allows load, 3-5 at low temperature as well. To get foam evenly in the foam pipe products, also need to make sure that PVC material has good melt strength. Company's development foaming agent is developed to solve the problem of the problem of foam products, can effectively improve the quality of the foam pipe. Lubricant divided into external lubricant and lubricant inside, outside is advantageous to the stripper, the plate surface is bright and clean sex is good, the slide is too little, the five districts of extruder temperature is not easy
9. Dispersion is bad can lead to a plate surface is not smooth phenomenon Process temperature control problem: the above mentioned four problems belong to the fundamental problem, is the foundation, is the deep-seated problems. Relative to the above four issues, process temperature control is more intuitive, is surface problem, but the temperature control is not good, will induce the emergence of the fundamental problems. Improve the processing temperature, material stability time will reduce and stability problems; The original lubricating balance will be broken, general performance for insufficient lubrication, especially the outside lubrication, the late need to improve the lubrication additives; Temperature increase will lead to the melt strength reduced, foam sheet bubble hole enlargement, bubble hole number, sheet; brittle is easy to break Temperature increase reduced the melt strength will reduce the melt viscosity, lower viscosity shearing dispersion ability, for the screw of dispersing ability is not strong, can appear sometimes scattered unevenly.


A terrible fire For many years, people believed that the PVC is not harmonious of nature of an artificial notes, think it damage the environment, is not conducive to ecological development. In Dusseldorf airport in 1996 was a sensation, has killed 17 people in fire, some wrong opinion make people use PVC as the fire of the culprit, it certainly has increased people's misunderstanding of PVC.
Second, the beautiful appearance The surface of the goods and shape will be the first impression. Advertising psychologists believe that the first impression for the product sales plays a decisive role. In this sense, PVC film market prospects look good. And, in fact, with the development of the era, PVC is with its good performance, simple process and many other advantages gradually won the favor of people, has been more and more people have accepted and approved, is the darling of the construction industry in the European and American countries PVC, PVC can be found everywhere in People's Daily life. PVC can not only show the color of nature, you can also show people fantasy color. In Germany, 40% of the furniture are made of PVC for the surface material, see the colour and lustre is natural, colorful, diverse, beautiful patterns, style elegance and luxury desk, bookcase, sofa, hutch ark, who also won't put them and street devastated "white trash" lenovo together, can't even 

8, Detection


PVC foam board is also known as snow and Andy plate, plate, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, adding various additives. Surface: can print ShiCai, can be coated or made into various colors, with flame retardant, moistureproof, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, anti-aging ability strong, can be hot forming, etc; Appearance: give a person with decorous, feel comfortable, and can be nails, drilling, planing, axe, riveting, adhesive and so on, easy to manufacture, has the processing properties of wood; Environmental protection: to save valuable forest resources, save energy and protect the ecological environment and promote the sustainable development of human society has far-reaching significance. Applications: advertising industry with plate, nameplate, decoration decoration, furniture production, water and the underground engineering, construction engineering, chemical storage tank lining and other aspects of the application in chemical engineering, such as the construction of chemical plating bath, packaging materials and packaging containers, such as turnover box, etc. In addition can also be used in cars, trains, subways, installed inside of the ship and aircraft industries

PVC crust foamed board product features 1. The product is not transparent, inferior smooth surface, can be printed. 2. With sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing properties, such as, heat insulation and shock. 3. Has the flame retardancy, self-extinguishing can away from the fire. 4. Moistureproof, mouldproof, not bibulous, resistant to acid and alkali. 5. After joining the color masterbatch, the product can be made into a variety of colors. 6. After weather resistance formula is made, the color can be constant for a long time, not easy ageing. 7. Can be like a wood nail, planing, drilling, sawing, processing, such as using the general wood processing tool construction. 8. The finished product can be secondary thermoforming and folding processing, can be directly bonding with other PVC materials. 9. Lightweight, storage and transportation, construction is convenient.
Product performance: Applicable temperature: - 50 degrees - 70 degrees Celsius degrees Heating temperature: 70 degrees Celsius degrees - 120 degrees Celsius (production profile) Bending strength: 45.6 mpa Zhong: (to 5 degrees Celsius in low temperature fall impact) zero broken 10 times Life: not less than 50 years
Product testing method: (1) the board face: feel is smooth level off, mechanical texture is not obvious, the surface color no off color, milky white, surface without stain, no obvious small pit, pinhole, no bulky pore, fracture. Note: the ivory foam board into recycling scrap board, do not belong to the environmental protection board, green board contains no lead content (less than the European and American standard). (2) the board side: incision smooth, thin pore, pinhole, no bulky pore, off powder, not serious, no bees hole, cutting fiber since the fall off, don't jump. Note: this is to be aware of the finished product process sequence do after trouble. (3) the thickness measurement: caliper standing surface, contact closely with no gaps, uniform thickness, around the left right measurements, whether the deviation is very large, thickness deviation of plus or minus 0.2 MM as normal. (4) plate weight algorithm: weight (g) = (cm) * length * width * thickness, density, (5) density algorithm: density (g) = weight/length * width * thickness (cm).