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Talent Concept

Talent team construction is one of the major forces to promote scientific and technological progress, promote enterprise's core competitiveness. BODO Plastics Co., Ltd.Is a full build high-quality, adapt to the fierce competition in the new century excellent skilled, innovative, high-level talents team.

  BODO Plastics Co., Ltd.adhere to the people-oriented, created for employees in the growth and improvement of the corporate culture atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual respect, for the staff of technical innovation and management innovation to create the necessary conditions, and the staff have outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to huge rewards and recognition.

BODO Plastics Co., Ltd. Respect for and protection of rights and interests of employees, actively and steadily promote the reform of salary, welfare and insurance system and improvement of incentive and high-level management, professional and technical skills and key personnel. The overall requirements of establishing multi-level social security system, and actively improve the insurance system, on the basic insurance,

 BODO Plastics Co., Ltd. aim to provide you with competitive remuneration, beautiful work environment, academic comprehensive training system, all-round benefits and broad career development space. We are looking forward to your joining.