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PVC bath ark board

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Product Description:

PVC bath ark board is a new type of high-tech green environmental protection building materials, it with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, after adding various additives, using my company's latest patented technology development. Its surface can be printed ShiCai, can be coated or made into various colors, with flame retardant, moistureproof, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, high strength, non-toxic, anti-aging ability strong, can be hot forming, etc.

Product Name: PVC bath ark board
Product Size: 1220*2440mm(adjustable )
Product Thickness: 9-18mm
Product Denseness: adjustable
Product Hardness: 30-70(D)
Product Color: White is given priority to
Product Use:

PVC bath ark board with a light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, insulation, such as performance, it also has good workability, can use sawing, drilling, planing, nail, welding, adhesive and hot molding processing technology. Its wide range of USES, can be used for building decoration, decoration, kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, bedroom and office partition, furniture manufacturing, etc.